Family Sponsorship Immigration Streams Canada

Spousal and Family Sponsorship Canada

When you migrate to Canada, you might not have any desire to be distant from your family. With the wife/husband and Family Sponsorship Class, you don’t need to. The Canadian government made this Sponsorship Class help rejoin families at whatever point conceivable.

Suppose you are a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada. In that case, you could meet all requirements to support certain individuals from your family to go along with you in Canada as a permanent resident. In addition, there are a few classes that can help join you and your friends and family. In 2021, Canada anticipates rejoining between 300 000 – 410 000 family members through the Family Sponsorship Program.

The Spousal and Family Sponsorship Class allows you to be a Sponsor for your:
Parents and grandparents
Dependant children
Spouses and common-law partners
Orphaned family members
Other family members under very specific circumstances
You can also Sponsor certain family members through Provincial Nominee Programs in:
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Canada Family Sponsorship Application Processing Times

Canada wants to help keep families together. Thus, all Family Sponsorship applications are focused on by the Canadian Visa Office. Family Sponsorship applications can take anything between 12 months to two years to proceed. Commonly, supporting your parents or grandparents takes the longest.

Who Can You Sponsor for Permanent Residency in Canada?

Spousal and Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

A Canadian permanent resident or citizen may support their non-Canadian wife/husband, common-law partner, or conjugal partner after the IRCC has endorsed them. The Canadian government likewise considers applicants in same-sex connections. Sponsorships can be through the Outland or Inland Sponsorship.

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

This program permits you to support your parents and grandparents for permanent residency in Canada. You should have the option to financially uphold them and their dependents and be certain that they need not bother with social help from the government. Potential sponsors should submit reports online to qualify as one of the 10,000 sponsors that are welcome to apply for this sponsorship program.

Dependent Child Sponsorship

This sponsorship applies to both adopted and normal born youngsters, as long as the support and kids get an endorsement from IRCC. Youngsters qualify as dependents on the off chance that they’re under 22-years of age and don’t have a spouse or common-law partner. The Dependent Child Sponsorship allows applicants to become permanent residents and study and work in Canada.

Orphaned Family Members and Other Siblings

This program permits you to support a stranded sibling, sister, nephew, niece, or grandkid on the off chance that they’re related to you by blood and are under 18 years old. You can likewise support one family member (sibling, sister, nephew, niece, auntie, or uncle) of all ages. If you don’t have a closer living relative, you could sponsor all things being equal (life partner, dependent kids, parents, and grandparents).

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