Dubai Driving Jobs


Arab Emirate. This Emirate is a financially stabled than the other Emirates because of oil exports to other region of the world. Dubai is the international commercial hub on this region and it is leading in petroleum product exports and gold market. The visitors and businessmen from other countries of the world visit this Emirate for gold purchase and petroleum deliveries.

Dubai also has various international and national companies operating in construction works, petroleum exploring, oil transportation and refining. These companies, commercial organizations, banks, hotels, airlines, offices, educational institutes and factories hire drivers in different categories. The construction companies usually induct heavy vehicles drivers those drive trucks, trailers, tankers and other operational machines. Hotels appoint drivers for picks and drops guests for different destinations. Dubai hospitals recruit drivers for their ambulances and other official vehicles. The banks and offices also hire drivers for their office vehicles. The schools, colleges and universities also hire drivers for buses and other transports.
How to apply driving jobs in Dubai.
Dubai construction companies, petroleum companies, offices, hotels and other organization advertise their driving jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. The employer invites applications from the applicant and shortlist them. The selected candidates are informing about their selection, but the work visa or permit is arranged by the employer or company. The work visa is application is filed by the employer in labor ministry in Dubai. The labor ministry thoroughly checks the provided documents and then decides the work visa. The labor ministry initially issues the temporary work permit that allows the visa holder to land in this Emirate. However, within two months the visa holder or employer arranges genuine work permit and resident visa. The medical clearance certificate is also necessary for the work visa holder. Similarly labor card and Iqama is required for residence in Dubai. The work visa is issued for limited time, but this work visa can be renewed if the employee is required by the company or organization.

  1. Heavy duty truck driver.
    The heavy-duty truck drivers are hired by the construction companies, oil refineries and education bus drivers. Similarly, public transport drivers are also hired from other countries to drive the buses within city. The bus drivers must have at least two years driving experience. If the drivers have overseas experience, then he will be preferred. Similarly, valid heavy vehicle driving license and driver must know the basic English. It is also necessary for the drivers that they must be aware about the UAE driving laws. The heavy vehicles drivers are also appointed by oil refineries and oil transport companies. Moreover, there are heavy machines which are operated by heavy vehicles drivers.
  2. Bus driver’s jobs.
    The bus drivers must have at least two to five years experience. The bus driver must have valid driving license and age should be in the 25-45 age group. However, there is no other specific requirement for this bus driver’s job in Dubai. Bus drivers get free foods, accommodation and other basic facility from the organization. Bus driving jobs are usually hired by the educational institutes, city administration and touring companies. The bus driver must have a valid heavy vehicle driving license.
  3. Office driver jobs.
    In Dubai there are different types of offices which require full-time drivers. The office drivers need experience that from five to ten years. The basic qualification should be high school or secondary school certification. Similarly, valid driving license is required for this and good communication. Hotels, hospital and other commercial institutes induct light vehicles drivers to pick and drops of the officials.
  4. Mini bus driver jobs.
    There are various companies and organizations, which requires mini bus drivers. These mini bus drivers drive mini buses to pick and drops of workers. This mini bus driving job offers accommodation, foods and medical facility. This type of driving jobs needs two to five years relevant experience. Moreover, the mini bus drivers earn handsome salary package from his employer.
  5. Personal driver jobs.
    In Dubai there are various individuals who cannot drive their own vehicles or hire drivers for family vehicles. The personal drivers get accommodation, foods and medical assistance from the employer. The basic requirements for this driving job are valid driving license and relevant experience which should be minimum one year. The personal, driving job is a good option for the overseas and others to earn handsome salary from the employer.
  6. Bike drivers or riders jobs.
    In Dubai there are hundreds of fast foods companies, restaurants and other food chains. All these need bike riders to supply the fast food products to delivery points. These bikes rider jobs are fantastic because of handsome salary packages. The bike rider must have minimum one year experience, knows the rules and regulation of this Emirate, understand the main location of this city and has good communication skills.


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