Dubai Airport Jobs


Why Dubai?

Dubai is now being considered as one of the popular tourist hubs. The tourist industry is continuously developing and the government is now investing large amounts in developing the infrastructure. Construction job vacancies are continuously increasing due to the large scale developments. Dubai international airport with its three terminals is the world’s most buzzing airport. The airport authorities are normally looking for various professionals in different departments such as travel agency consultants, clean and maintenance staff, engineering staff, hospitality staff, airplane cabin crew, security staff, airport police, and various levels of managerial staff. An applicant must check for various vacancies before applying for a job at the Dubai airport.

Easy Visa Issuance:

Although the same jobs have better pay package but the visa policy and selection criteria is so tough that only a few lucky ones get the visa. Hence, it is a risky thing to apply there. But for Pakistanis, the visa policy is very easy. The selection criteria are very easy and if you are fulfilling the criteria, you can get selected because many Pakistanis are doing jobs there and they are working quite honestly. So, Pakistanis are trusted there. Instead of applying in the USA or other big countries it is recommended that you should try your luck in Dubai because chances of selection are high.

The Importance of Developed Airports:

Airports are the first presentation of the country. And for such tourist destinations like Dubai, airports are very important to develop. All the big airports in the world just don’t work as the stops of airplanes rather they work as a complete hosting area for the passengers. Many connected flights land on Dubai airport before reaching their final destination. Hence, it is important to develop and provide all the facilities at these airports for those passengers who are just here to stay for limited hours. These airports have shopping malls, restaurants, and many other entertainment facilities.

Job Vacancies in Airports:

As the airports of Dubai are very busy, so there is a large need for the skilled human resource. Job vacancies are continuously increasing to cater the ever increasing needs. Hence, there is always a vacancy for the skilled human resource.

Types of Jobs:

There are many types of the job on the airport. All the jobs are highly paid and there are added benefits too. Some of the highly paid jobs are the management jobs and a degree with experience is required for the selection. Then there are second tier jobs in which some certifications are enough like receptionist on different counters for giving information about schedules to the passengers. Third tier jobs are in which you work as a salesman in the shopping malls and business centers which are inside the airports. Fourth tier jobs are in which you work as a sweeper.

Management and First Tier Jobs:

These jobs require very talented and skilled human resource. You need to have an appropriate degree and an experience in your field. The recruiters look for different skills in the candidates and select them according to their skills. The jobs are highly paid but the job nature is quite tough and you need to be vigilant to avoid any problems. Your single mistake could lead to a very serious problem.

Second Tier Jobs:

These jobs usually require some certifications and if you have a little experience then your chances are bright. The job nature is not that tough and the pay package is also good. You will be present on the information counters and desks to provide the relevant information to the passengers.

Third Tier Jobs:

There are some shopping malls and business centers also present in big airports. These jobs usually don’t require any certification and the candidate should be quite energetic. The only skill that can set you apart from other candidates is the fluent English language skills.

Fourth Tier Jobs:

No degrees and certifications are required for such jobs. Your responsibilities will be to sweep and clean the different areas of the airports. The candidate should be energetic and be able to do laborious physical work.
All the jobs have some extra benefits like food, health insurance, and return airfare.


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