Canada Warns Against Immigration Document Fraud and Lying in Your Application


Canada Warns Against Immigration Document Fraud and Lying in Your Application

As a Fraud Prevention Month (March) feature, Canada is cautioning migration candidates against immigration document fraud and lying in their application. “It’s genuine wrongdoing to lie or to send bogus data or archives to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is a falsification. It’s designated “scam.”, says IRCC. Furthermore, the results can be severe. 

Immigration Documentation Fraud

As indicated by data on the IRCC site, immigration document fraud can include either bogus or adjusted archives, for example, 

  • Identifications and travel reports 
  • Visas 
  • Acknowledgments, degrees, and apprenticeship or exchange papers 
  • Endorsements of birth, marriage, last separation, abrogation, partition, or demise and 
  • Police evidence 

If you prevail in bolstering or a meeting with an IRCC official, this is additionally extortion. It’s wrongdoing.

What occurs if you submit migration archive extortion? 

If you send bogus reports or data to IRCC, they will reject your application. IRCC may: 

  • Restrict you from entering Canada for 5 years 
  • Give you a lasting record of extortion with us 
  • Remove your status as a lasting occupant or Canadian resident 
  • Have you accused of a wrongdoing
  • Eliminate you from Canada 

On March 5, 2021, the Honorable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, given the accompanying proclamation on battling immigration fraud and tricks: 

“Canada is one of the greatest allures on the planet for immigration and travel, with many individuals around the globe who want to come here consistently. While presenting their applications, some go-to advisors or different administrations help keep in mind that most specialists work genuinely. Corrupt entertainers now and again misuse the framework and exploit individuals. 

The Government of Canada keeps making a significant move to uncover migration extortion and secure the individuals who wish to come here. We’ve executed a few new measures to fortify our framework, from expanded oversight of uses to public mindfulness crusades around the globe. In particular, we have perpetrated almost $50 million to battle extortion throughout the following not many years. We have made another College improve oversight of migration advisors and get serious about lawbreakers.

Immigration extortion targets individuals who need to come to Canada in compliance with common decency. Tragically, the pandemic has exacerbated these upsetting exercises, with new ways for untrustworthy people to defraud customers. That is the reason we’re trying harder to battle scams. Significantly, anybody applying to visit or move to Canada knows current realities: 

  • Canada evaluates all applications on a similar legitimacy – regardless of whether they are presented by candidates themselves or by delegates. 
  • Canada doesn’t expect candidates to employ migration agents. 
  • Candidates should enlist just approved immigration and citizenship experts, legal advisors, or Quebec legal officials. 
  • IRCC distinctly expresses all prerequisites to come to Canada on their site. 

Battling the fraud requires us all to be cautious, educated, and arranged. We will proceed with our work to ensure Canadians and those wishing to come here and will consistently maintain the security and uprightness of Canada’s migration framework.”


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