Canada Immigration Lawyers


Before checking out the list of Canada immigration lawyers below, note that JobInList operates the blog and forums on this website (including providing the list of Canada immigration lawyers below) only to provide general information needed for successful immigration application to Canada. We may provide links to immigration lawyers and professionals but we do NOT provide immigration services directly and we do NOT charge a fee for the information we provide in our blogs or forums.

The intent of the list below is to provide “starting points” for individuals looking for Canadian immigration lawyers. Information on this list is not to be construed as legal advice or endorsement of any particular lawyer.

An effective way that people commonly use to find a lawyer is through their advertisement or listing on various search engine results, e.g. on || | Search Engines.

Furthermore, feel free to ask people you trust to recommend a lawyer. Get advice from several people before you choose. is also another helpful and reputable starting point. You can go to rankings, type in immigration law and the Canadian province you are interested in and you will see the results.

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